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Tonight we make public two permanent lifetime bans from TFE, for the first time since we added support to EQU8 Anticheat system last November. After 90 days of capturing data and allowing EQU8 team to optimize the detection, we hereby announce two players who have been caught cheating based upon EQU8 report, and that are now lifetime banned. The nicknames, as they appear on their steam profiles follows: Freddyisback <:MFH:> and HimmelGaming. We made sure, before making this announcement that we were 100% sure what cheat, when and how. We have also sent a report to VAC/Valve about these two players.

Besides these 2 players, we registered a couple more red flags, that we're currently tracking and analysing and may produce new bans in the near future. I would like to take this moment to announce that the speed for our ban announcement will now increase to very fast, as the initial testing period for EQU8 has ended, and we're now on full steam ahead on detection and ban. I am also aware of some videos that some community members have sent to us in the last couple of months, of supposed cheating , which I will openly address on the public forums this weekend. About MFH name being dragged into this announcement. We are absolutely sure that all MFH members except for Freddyisback are fair players and clean of any wrongdoing.

When you recruit someone to your clan, you never know if a situation like this will happen, and all clans are open for this happen in the future. I'd like everyone to separate the waters between the actions of one individual and the organization that he was/is part. We strive to keep the game clean of cheaters, and we'll act no matter who is the person in question, however, we act upon solid proof and evidence. That being said, we hope the community continues to enjoy your TFE experience and help us craft the game until it's full release. Thank you

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