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[3.8 Update]

Fixed crosshair issue when toggling menu while ADS

Fixed pistol ADS persistent when climbing ladder (Thanks @Flypaper)

Updated default crosshair for M203-standalone

Player will not be disconnected if not in lobby (to avoid ghosting and imbalance issue)

Added more keys bindings including hard-coded commands like the F6 force respawn or the spectator commands (Thanks @Aeon)

Fixed keyboard input locked when clicked on tactical map

Reverted BadBeat zone height (now covering all floor except rooftop)

Fixed M confliction with chat

Fixed camera position incorrect when getting back up after being revived with the crouch state before getting killed 

Fixed M203 muzzle splash issue

Fixed rare case when after throwing grenade, primary weapon is unable to fire

Updated all gun fire attenuation settings to make them sound more similar, including reduction of m60 firing sound

Fixed character's head hitbox being 25% larger than it should. Now it is more pixel perfect to character's head size including helmet when it exists.

Fixed name stretching in profile (menu). Thanks @Duz

Fixed server crash on TDM when shooting at bots

Fixed instances where it showed 2 Alpha Outposts on Blizzard TDM

Polished m4/203, when using m203, the sights of 203 on the weapon model will now animate

Fixed situations where the TKOTH HUD header indicators not showing correct numbers

Fixed F90/SL40 showing m203 standalone as option in the armory

Added force map rotation vars to 4netplayers servers

Fixed bullet hitting the wrong position of the F90 ADS reticle

Increased ADS speed of the F90 to the same value as the m4/203

Fixed situation when ADS and then opening the game menu and resuming shows crosshair (Thanks @Flypaper)

Fixed situation where bug happens when changing weapons during emote (Thanks @PANiC)

Polished smoke grenade: Changed from red smoke to white/gray smoke. 

Change to the smoke grenade model (white pin, removed mention of red smoke from texture).

Fixed situation where MK18 ADS can see through smoke

Tweaked damage model to humvees. Increase damage of explosives (RPG and M203). It now takes 1 single RPG shot or two m203 direct hits to kill all occupants of an humvee

Fixed situation where windows of Casino building could be seen through smoke

Fixed situation where feet would go through walls in Ruins of Viper's Nest zone

Fixed collision on Bad Beat Alpha Outpost power station fence 

Fixed location where player would get stuck on Desert Valley CQB

Added new props and decorations to Desert Valley CQB

Fixed invisible ladders on Desert Valley CQB

Fixed situation where body would get stuck in the windows of zone building in Desert Valley CQB (thanks @Flypaper)

Reduced height of rooftop walls of the most tall buildings for better visibility

Improved collision model of the fences of Basecamp (Thanks @Flypaper)

Fixed stuck spot on Bank Crash bridge behind zone building

Fixed stuck place for Under Siege courtyard crates. Now has more room

Improved visuals of Under Siege main buildings

Fixed collision issue of creates near Truck of TFE side

Fixed collision of Palm trees on Under Siege

Fixed clipping of Palm trees through buildings on Under Siege

Fixed Barber wire of death on Airbase

Fixed instance where game crashes when killed while changing sniper rifle zoom by means of mouse scroll

Fix bot stuck situations on First Fall

Fixed spectator mode camera being locked due to the use of tactical map

Fixed spectator player point of view camera bug

Fixed instances where loading of Servers keeps going on loop

Polished m203 nade projectile position on screen

Fixed instance where player could shoot multiple m203 from ladder

Fixed instances where you would see both crosshair and m4 red dot at the same time

Added and debugged feature that auto-kicks inactive players from server

Fixed multiple instances that led to game crashes in multiple players.

Fixed situation where claymore would appear as main weapon

Fixed situation when dying while pressing shift, upon respawn, would force character to move slowly

Fixed situation when not using the M203, player sees the ammunition count of the M203, and when player use the M203 attachment he sees the count of my magazine (Thanks @Moreno)

Polished situation where SL40 would trigger an FPS drop on some players.

Fixed instances where player would get stuck upon respawn

Improved water puddles. Now produce step sounds and visual effects when shot (done on 3.6 but not documented)

Fixed instances where Spectator mode would see all Outposts as Outpost E

Added Outposts visibility at all times to Spectators HUD Header for TKOTH.


[Map fixes]


Fixed situation where player would get pushed aside when leaning on specific places in Under Siege

Fixed situation where tent models would cause FPS Drop to some players (Basecamp, Pharaoh)

Fixed ladder stuck on Stronghold (outside of main area). Thanks @Slick

Replaced sandbags by walls on building rooftops on Airbase

Fixed metal sheets only in one side of the Hangar of Airbase

Added props and decors to Airbase

Added new container on Airbase zone

Fixed collision issues on metal shelves of Airbase zone hangar

Fixed collision issues on wooden plank from metal shelves to office stairs on Airbase

Fixed jumping to ledge of Hangar windows (back side)

Moved building positions to improve symmetry of both sides on Airbase

Added flank sandbags to Outpost A of Airbase to mirror B side

Fixed interior staircases of some assets getting stuck spot

Moved radar from Outpost buildings to lower buildings for less obstruction and cleared visibility on Airbase

Improved front of zone sandbags position and gaps. Added new geometry for support of .50cal props (not intended as stationary weapons, just as props)

Improved zone sandbags position and gaps

Removed lateral zone sandbags to reduce hiding spots on Airbase

On Bank crash moved poles for cleared view on main street

On Bank crash improved collision of certain assets that were blocking m203 shots in key spots near Outposts

On Bank crashed improved floor behind the zone building, and removed gaps

On Insurgency takedown, fixed floating objects

In map Shipyard, improved color grading. Added missing assets inside hangars

Added TDM version to Sniper Valley

Fixed access to rooftops and zone bugged spot on Viper's Nest

Improved accessibility to top hill from TFE side on Savannah Ridge TKOTH

Opened new direct access from TFE side to zone on Savannah Ridge TKOTH

Added new Outpost (Bravo)on Savannah Ridge TKOTH

Moved existing Outpost (Alpha) to a position further from the zone on Savannah Ridge TKOTH to avoid spawn armor abuse and to add symmetry to map. Now at the same distance to both team's bases.

Added cover while approaching Outpost Alpha on Savannah Ridge TKOTH

Removed access to bunker rooftops on zone in Savannah Ridge TKOTH

Moved Red spear base further back on Raid. (still closer to objective building than TFE)

Added Bravo Outpost to Red Spear team, at similar distance than TFE side Outpost

Added crates near slum that gives access to first floor of zone building in Raid

Moved the Outpost area and Outpost pole and spawns closer to zone building on TFE side on Raid to match the distance from the new Bravo Outpost

Moved one of the helis of Raid closer to Red Spear base. Overall, Raid is more symmetric now, and one side does not hold such a large advantage.

Removed Red Spear side ladder (previously added) on Raid. Moved the gate that was used as leverage to the first floor slightly so that it cannot be abused 

Several objects collision fixes

Fixed pixel gap on casino rooftop balconies that had vision to the ground floor

Fixed missing material on base of TFE on Airbase (targets)

Improved Foliage around objective building in Killing Fields

Added kill box on helicopter rotor and top. It now kills anyone attempting to glitch helicopters.


[First Fall Map Overhaul]


Fixed B River area, box to balcony 

Fixed  Mid possible jump, car inside the concrete 

Fixed B tent jump, trap 

Fixed TFE base jump over the sandbags 

Fixed RS street possible jump 

Fixed RS base blocking volume 1 FF RS base blocking volume 1

Fixed RS base blocking volume 2 FF RS base blocking volume 2

Fixed Zone carpet invisible area, instance was too much stretched 

Fixed Zone reception upper part gap FF Zone reception upper part gap

Fixed Zone balcony, railing gaps FF Zone balcony, railing gaps

Fixed Zone items lod FF Zone items lod 1

Fixed Floating parts near B 

Fixed Humvee tire inside the paving stone

Fixed Car inside the concrete block 

Fixed Floating box, zone back 

Fixed Misaligned sidewalk 

Fixed Box inside the new building near B 

Fixed Floor inside the building 

Fixed Wires without pole 1 (market area)

Fixed Wires without pole 2 (market area)

Fixed Wires without pole 3 (market area/TFE base street) 

Fixed Floor missing a tile - Front of the ladder jump (TFE base) 

Fixed Street gap front of B Floating AC, RS base 

Fixed No windows and gaps in the wall, RS base 

Fixed Floating sandbags, TFE base 

Fixed Floating tires, side of the zone 

Fixed Dirt badly positioned, invisible side

Fixed Floating pole, RS base 


Thanks to @Demonic and @Duz for the assistance given on First fall overhaul


[Server Tool]

Added 0 reset time to server option (0 means zone will restart immediately)

Server tool update with core mechanics to make it compatible with EDDIE - The custom map maker coming next update

Server tool match feature: password protected servers now have a START MATCH button that allows hosts to choose what type of match you are playing (friendly, ladder or tournament), then restart to first map of the rotation automatically and record the match result into the database of the game. This will later be used to feed ladders, tournaments and match results widgets on official and community websites and clan pages alike.*Experimental

[Special thanks]

Thanks to @GusRus, @Kin, @Kawasaki and more recently @Epicbryan for the assistance on QA Testing


Thanks to everyone at the community who reported all these bugs and issues for us to fix. With all your contributions, we wouldn’t be able to provide what should be the more stable build of the game to date.


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