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After last weekends matches (GG vs Aeon & BoF vs Aeon ) i've experienced the gun block multiple times.

As mentioned on discord:

Pirate — vandaag om 01:33
@RJS_Psycho  @RJS_Killerbee
 when will it be possible to change loadout during timer like in bhd? Are there plans to add this?

cant find the "bug report" any more so i write it in here:

In the last weeks i had many issues with the guns in game: 
- M4 / M9 stops shooting suddenly ( u have to switch between the weapon to make it work again)
- cant shoot after respawn - two times at under siege ( only restart helps)
- bullets hit enemy but doesnt make demage 

Also often my syringe doesnt work to medic someone. 

are u able to fix it?(bewerkt)

Slick — vandaag om 09:48
Ive noticed the gun failure happens more and more while running with the "quick button" (left ctrl standard i believe? =hold for syringe / release 2 go back to primary gun) im not sure if this happens as cqb with the 203 switch for the same button cause i dont play cqb that often.

I know multiple people have experienced this block , hopefully we can find out soon what's causing it , like mentioned above, i think its related to the hotkey for quick syringe / 203?

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As mentioned on discord. We found today the cause for the weapon jam and has been fixed for next update. The way to unlock the weapon is to pull the tactical map "M" followed by clicking with the left mouse button anywhere inside the tactical map and then close the tactical map "M". It will activate the input from left mouse click again, while we work on the permanent fix for the issue.

The Syringe issue might be related, since it requires the left-mouse click to activate.

The issue is affecting left-mouse click input at times when the bug is triggered.

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