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  1.  Server restart serveral times a day And each time, it has deleted Automatic Message. (This started after last/2nd last update)
    EDIT: Half fix ..verify the integrity of game files 2nd times it¬†reduced the restart to¬†4-10 times of a day ūüôā
    EDIT again: Now I 
    verify the integrity of game files 3rd times... First time 0 probs. 2nd 12 files probs. 3rd time 9 files probs its like somthing eat/corrupt the files???
  2.  Automatic Message dont work. The messages do not appear in the window and you have to edit / paste it in the config file every time server restart.
  3. Disable weapons .. If you remove one thing you risk removing other weapons. ect.


  1. Med/syring does not always work. (Has been like this for me "always" Not new error)
  2. Sometimes..Shoot enemies with MK18.. you can see the bullets hit but do not kill (Do not know if this is only MK18 and as Medic has not tested this yet)
  3. Sometimes the weapon cant fire at all Spiecelt if you switch between syring/knife and MK18


  1. Sometimes extream lag occur and you jump back and forth on the map. Occurs on different server.
  2. Insurgency Takedown there are several places you can get stuck and Bots dont work/move
  3. Zonetimer does not always work does not count time or how many are in the zone this is "always" from the beginning of the map and not something that occurs in the middle of a map... next map it may have disappeared.
  4. Some maps (can not remember which ones) you can glitch or fall through the wall / or other things but the next time you try the same map you can't It is as if it is the map that loads incorrectly. Maybe this has something to do with zone time/weapon sometime cant fire/Kill/syring dont work/Lag and the servers restart due to a load error????
  5. In Raid and Savannah Ridge map Bots dont move on Red Team Just standing and shaking ass.

I will update this thread if / when I find more....

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